• Jakna Trabaldo MAMMUTH

Jakna Trabaldo MAMMUTH

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Jakna  Art. 14000/Kev/Rainsystem mod. MAMMUTH col. 660

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TRABALDO 14000 Mammuth: Short waterproof, breathable jacket with internal RAINSYSTEM shell and internally lined in IDROSTOP mesh. The combination of CORDURA with the SCHOELLER KEPROTECH fabric with kevlar® for the areas of maximum rubbing makes it absolutely one of jackets most suitable for difficult areas, putting together the right weight and unprecedented toughness. Includes a large connecting front and rear game-pocket with side and front access. complete with visible vest that may be attached with pressure buttons and size adjustable elastic string to
avoid unnecessary abundance.


Linija 14000:  We have crossed a new frontier and established a new point of reference in anti-thorn technology for garments. Line 14000 has been envisioned in order to resolve the problem of thorns, which beside provoking annoying and sometimes painful skin punctures, diminish the water protection offered by waterproof membranes incorporated in the clothing. In order to obtain this result we have taken advantage of the research and experimentations in aerial space of a famous American company who has patented fabrics unique in its kind for the lightness, resistance and compactness, so much that even NASA employed them for the missions to Mars.Therefore, they have been inserted into the garments as an invisible shield, in the points of greatest need. Naturally also the external fabric is equal to the situation: hence the 100% CORDURA naturelle canvas bound together to the motorcycle derivation fabric SCHOELLER KEPROTECH with kevlar®. The RAINSYSTEM membrane is your guarantee for an optimal waterproofing of the garment. Our style unit has brought together a harmony of styles, ergonomics and shadings in this concentration of technology for your comfort, protection and satisfaction. N.B.: the products of Line 14000 have been studied for resistance, in the points indicated, to the normal demands relating to thorns existing in nature. Avoid improper use.